Every Time Traveller is Discovered Eventually

The biggest Problem in the Creative Arts that no one is talking about : Jules Verne Theory Declare War on Ghosts

When society started recording film, music, text and photography, it was with the best of intentions. But how big does the historical catalogue have to get before it destroys the creation of new material ? How many ghosts from the past does it take to eat all the bandwidth, consume all the funding, and render an entire society unable to use art to describe and inform with regard to the world that actually exists around it ? 

Radio and TV seem like an endless carousel of ghoulish voices and faces from the past, the dead more valuable than the living. An endless repetition of manifestos and mantras from a time that no longer exists. Interspersed with adverts where the deceased shill for products they could never even have dreamed of in their lifetimes.


This is just the beginning : the amount of recorded material available from the recently deceased far outweighs the material of the not so recently deceased. Soon we will be left adrift, a whole generation with its artistic voice stolen, drowned out by the sheer volume of the recoded past. Art forever frozen in time, owned by the ghosts we invited into our lives with the best of intentions.

The time has come to make a stand. This is our manifesto, and we will take back our voice, and push the past back into the fading distance where it belongs : an echoing murmur, a perceived undercurrent to the backdrop of our lives.

As one of the living, you must except that with the best will in the world, Bob Marley will never solve the world’s issues . Frank Sinatra did it his way, but now its over.

We live in a world if ISIS, global warming, collapsing debt ridden 1st world states, and grinding 3rd world inequality. These issues only the living can solve together, and contemporary art should be reflecting that. Not some 1960 romantic vision of sitting around nervously waiting for the phone to ring. Communication has come a long to invalidate that.

Every “share” is a clarion call to bring awareness to this issue. Every “like” is a show of support for the cause. Or you could no nothing, and let it the situation develop to its natural conclusion. If the modern creative economy has shown us anything, it is that brave people will continue to make art even when the money has gone. But what about when their voice has gone ? 

This is our world, at this time : our voice.  ‪#‎noghosts‬