Every Time Traveller is Discovered Eventually

Human League Support : 30th May

We are finally exited to let you know that we are opening for the Human League at the Villa Marina, Isle of Man on the 30th of May. There are still a few tickets available at :



Or of course you can simply jump straight to timeline : 11/44/99/4 when they first went on sale, and get one earlier on, with a relatively low paradox impact. Please remember this is 2014, so dress accordingly.

We will be debuting songs of from our Exposure EP, released on 26th May via Ninthwave records : http://www.ninthwaverecords.com/Ninthwave/Home.html, but more on that release closer to the date.

Please note that this event is happening in timelines 11/44/x/* -> 11/55/x/*. Parallel timelines are not supported for this event.